The M3-SE-MPA1 provides regulated 12 VDC power for external devices. When combined with an M3-SE power module (e.g., M3-SE-PA, M3-SE-PA2, M3-SE-PA-P), power ports remain active even if AC/DC input power is lost. The M3-SE-MPA1 has a pass-through connector and four (4) bushings on the top for attaching other modules in an M3-SE stack. It also has a receptacle on the bottom side to accommodate a pass-through connector from another M3-SE module.


  • Provides regulated 12 VDC power output
  • Supports a variety of AC, DC, battery inputs
  • Top and bottom Pass-through Connectors for modular stacking
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-810G, IP54, CE, RoHS


The Mobile|Modular|Micro - Single Enclave (M3-SE) system can be packed into a single case and accommodates a broad selection of servers, routers, switches, and power modules. Modules can be combined in many different configurations, making the M3-SE ideal for a wide range of applications.

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