The M3-SE-PA-P module is part of the CUBIC | DTECH Labs M3-SE product family. It provides regulated and conditioned power to other M3-SE modules stacked above it via the top pass-through power connector. The module also provides seamless, reliable battery power backup in the event of external DC power loss. The M3-SE-PA-P can use a standard NEMA electronic cord for AC power or a commercially available LEMO connector for DC input power. Both accept a wide range input power levels for flexibility in mission requirements and system architectures. The module is designed to serve as the bottom module of a M3-SE stack.


  • Wide Range AC and DC Power Inputs
  • 2x 98 Watt-Hour Batteries
  • Battery Hot-Swap Capability
  • System Load Indicators
  • Battery Charge Status Indicators

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