The M3-SE-RTR2 is a low power router module for the Cubic | DTECH Labs M3-SE product family. Based on Cisco IOS and the 5915 ERS, the M3-SE-RTR2 module provides Fast Ethernet routing capability, 2 router ports, and 3 switch ports. The system is also able to provide PoE to another network device, such as a radio or a phone. A power passthrough connection allows direct mounting to existing M3-SE product family devices with no need for additional power supplies or external power cabling. The tough aluminum chassis is engineered to support reliable operations even under shock and vibration prone environments such as those found in vehicle mounted applications.


  • 2 Router Ports
  • 3 Switch Ports
  • Cisco IOS
  • PoE Capability
  • Wide Range (10-30vDC) Power Input

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