• Scalable WAN/LAN
  • Colorless NIPR/SIPR, JWICS
  • Onboard H/W Encryption


The CUBIC | DTECH Labs M3X-RTR router module provides user WAN Layer 3 routing capability and user access as a stand-alone module or increased connectivity when utilized with other M3-SE. The compact router offers 2 Gigabit Layer 3 routed ports, 4 Layer 2/3 Gigabit Access ports and a serial console port for configuration access.

Based on the new Cisco ESR-6300 embedded router, the M3-SE-RTR3/3A leverages the power of IOS-XE operating systems making configuration easy via both traditional Command Line Interface (CLI) and a browser-based configuration GUI. A new real-time onboard clock and removable storage via a single compact flash card allow for ease of deployment and configuration. Utilizing the power pass-through connectors on the top and bottom, the module can be connected to other devices without the need for external cables. Sealed IP67 connectors and chassi+B5s ensure that it can deploy to austere environments and perform.


  • 2 x GbE Routed Ports
  • 4 x GbE Switch Access Ports
  • Removable Storage Card
  • Real Time Clock
  • Serial Console Port
  • Zeroize Button
  • Power Pass-through Connector


The Mobile|Modular|Micro - Single Enclave (M3-SE) system can be packed into a single case and accommodates a broad selection of servers, routers, switches, and power modules. Modules can be combined in many different configurations, making the M3-SE ideal for a wide range of applications.

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