The CUBIC | DTECH Labs M3X-BPS battery power supply module provides uninterrupted DC power to a stack of M3X modules. The Raised Angle Connectors (RAC) on the top and bottom of the M3X-BPS power module offer flexibility on where and how the power module is employed. The module can be hot-swapped within a stack without power interruption and have additional M3X-BPS modules added to increased reserve power. Sealed IP67 connectors and chassis ensure that it is able to deploy to austere environments and perform. A 1.5amp USB power only port allows external devices such as next-generation encryptors to draw power from the module.


  • Wide Range (10-30vDC) Power Input
  • Regulated Power Output
  • 98 Watt-Hour Battery
  • Power Information Display
  • 1.5 Amp USB Charging Port
  • Integrated Raised Angle Connector (RAC)


The M3X product family is an environmentally hardened suite of networking and compute equipment for today’s demanding users. A patent-pending Raised Angle Connector (RAC) on the top and bottom allow interconnection between modules for both power and data without the need for external cables that often fail when needed. The modular rail system allows for both vertical and horizontal physical connection amongst stacks of modules.

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