The CUBIC | DTECH Labs M3X-BPS battery module for the M3X product family is the device of choice when power becomes unreliable, or fixed network operations need to become mobile. With a compact 98 watt-hour battery and easy to read information screen, the M3X-BPS makes battery backup concerns a low priority. During deployments where longer battery life is required, multiple M3X-BPS modules can be stacked together, or hot-swapped for uninterrupted operation. USB powered devices such as phones and tablets can be quickly recharged using the integrated 1.5 amp USB port. Sealed connectors and an IP-67 chassis mean sand, mud, and other environmental challenges are no challenge.


  • Wide Range (10-30vDC) Power Input
  • Regulated Power Output
  • 98 Watt-Hour Battery
  • Power Information Display
  • 1.5 Amp USB Charging Port


M3X family products seamlessly interconnect with a raised angle connector (RAC) without the use of an external Ethernet or power cable. Products snap together vertically and horizontally allowing unlimited configurations ideal for tactical and executive industries.

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